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The B&B

At 6 a.m. July 14, Castle Rock’s historic B&B Café, closed for months because of a dispute between the café owner and landlord, reopened.

New owner Robert Schoene didn’t plan for his opening time to be quite that early — but some longtime B&B customers, rancher types and others, kept telling him they needed their cup of coffee at 6 a.m.

And they were there.

“Mr. Anderson came in at 6 a.m.,” he said. And soon the round table, which over the years has been an essential morning gulp-and-gossip gathering spot, was full.

Schoene — who was a longtime Castle Rock resident until moving to Parker recently for family reasons — has another restaurant, Great Beginnings, in Englewood. So why take on the B&B?


“Who wouldn’t?” he asked. And he raised his arms, and gestured toward the stamped-tin roof, and the marble back-bar originally from Leadville, and the old booths — and the bullet holes in the ceiling and back bar.

There’s all of the history through the years, in this circa-1918 building at 322 Wilcox St., which has been a café since the 1930s.

And there’s all of the tragedy that happened on one day: Feb. 14, 1946.


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